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By far the largest number of deaths during this period continued to be related to material deprivation and social stress. Violence was especially pronounced in southwestern Oregon in the early s when gold rush settlers waged a war of extermination against Indians, a clear-cut case of genocidal intent.

In some instances, Indians were able to take advantage of their knowledge of terrain and the vulnerability of U. Good reason exists, however, to challenge the premise that the extent and intentionality of initial depopulation from disease is crucial to the question of genocide and American Indian history.

Over time, what made U. The Crows, for example, had allied with the United States in the s as a strategy for self-protection, and although they did not endure direct violence, they were nonetheless affected by other forces of destruction. In European culture the men would farm, hunt and gather to provide for the family and when the settlers arrived in the Americas they proceeded to force the Indians to change their way of life.

Cause and Effect: American Indian History

On this basis, as revealed from the information of the two cultures; religion has formed the basis of the morals and values of the two cultures. The Effect essay american indian were decently furnished, and their farms were well fenced and stocked with cattle.

Had the Haudenosaunee decided to defend their towns, it would almost certainly have been higher. Wait, let me count As will become apparent, debates about whether or not specific cases and phases qualify as genocide typically center on these issues: Supported by Naragansett and Mohegan allies, a colonial force set fire to a village of several hundred Pequots on the Mystic River and killed most of those who tried to escape.

Between andthe Comanche population fell even farther—to a mere 1, After the Civil War, however, conditions radically changed for both: While to the Christians the Aztecs seemed to be devil worshippers who engaged in cannibalism, human sacrifice had skull racks and decorated their temples with snake motifs.

In the California Indian population was probably aboutIn the end, the population of the Indians dropped dramatically; more than ten million according to several scholars.

Effects Of The War

Current estimates are that the epidemic killed up to 90 percent of the Native population in the Massachusetts Bay area. When it did its spread was closely connected to the British colonial project of exploiting existing indigenous practices of captive taking to create markets both for slaves outside Indian country and for European goods manufacturers, alcohol, clothing within it.

Moreover, the war generated substantial resenment towards the colonists among English leaders, who were not satisfied with the financial and military help they had received from the colonists during the war. The war had an equally profound but very different effect on the American colonists.

On this basis, the church and especially the Catholic Church has influenced the Hispanic culture giving it new meanings. Many writers see the massive depopulation of the indigenous population of the Americas after as a clear-cut case of the genocide.

Effect of Colonists on Native Americans

Whatever the motivations, those who settled North America left in their wake a legacy of poverty, domestic, drug and alcohol abuse, and an impenetrable sense of hopelessness among Native American communities. Even in this case, though, it was not presented as a first option.

Racism in America Essay

Native Americans had no immunity to European illnesses and their population was devastated by the sometimes deliberate introduction of diseases like smallpox. One thing that happened is that Native populations did not recover or, to put it another way, were never allowed to recover.

Knight suggested that, the African-American culture has influenced the entire South California culture in terms of arts, literature, foods, agricultural skills, music and language among others Knight, As indicated by Knightthese two cultures have music but the difference occurs in the rhythm of their dance.

In addition to the above, the theme of lifestyles and characteristics African-American people are very generous and materialistic.

What effect did the European settlement have on American Indians?

In conclusion, rich background information on native culture enhances the capacity to Effect essay american indian individuals from diverse and minority groups in with respect and dignity.

Further, as indicated earlier the African-American are Protestants while the Hispanics are Catholics and hence there is a difference in terms of religion and religious affiliations.

Military operations often did not result in massacre, sometimes because of their own weakness inadequate supplies, poor intelligence, failure to avoid detectionmore often because of the ability of Indians to avoid being slaughtered, sometimes by fighting back, sometimes by eluding U.

But the cost of the war had greatly enlarged Britain's debt. In this relation, the Hispanic culture has salsa rhythms while the African-American culture has blues and rap as their dance rhythms U.

European settlers to "the New World" had a major, and mostly negative effect on the indigenous populations across North and South America.The American Indian Wars In the midth century, formal structures that propelled racial discrimination were primarily abolished and deemed as socially unacceptable as expressed in this racism essay and other publications.

The Europeans influence the culture of the Native American by bring diseases, constant warfare because the over taking of land, guns, steel hatchets, pots, and kettles of brass,and even the way to Read More.

Words: - Pages: 11 Europeans vs Native Americans Essay example. Here's a list of Native American Essay topics, titles and different search term keyword ideas.

Native american culture essay; Native american culture history; Native american culture today; and the answer depends on what amount of culture is taken into effect and which ethnic group is being considered. The Native American. Lasting Effects of European Colonization on Native American Indians.

Words | 5 Pages Effects of Colonisation on North American Indians Since the Europeans set foot on North American soil in ,they have had a devastating effect on the native population.

Let us write or edit the essay on your topic "Cultural Background and Its Effect on American Indian Authors" with a personal 20% discount. The Effects of Colonization on the Native Americans Native Americans had inherited the land now called America and eventually their lives were destroyed due to European Colonization.

When the Europeans arrived and settled, they changed the Native American way of life for the worst.

Effect essay american indian
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