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However, it is perhaps unfair to compare Caliban and Prospero as Nature and Nurture, as Caliban is never acknowledged to be human. By using magic and tricks that echo the special effects and spectacles of the theater, Prospero gradually persuades the other characters and the audience of the rightness of his case.

Therefore, one can see that Ferdinand did not have a positive outlook and wasn't as optimistic as Gonzalo. In so doing it could be argued that the necessary sense of threat that he has posed to Prospero as the disruptive other is to some extent removed; the action of seeking for grace negates that sense of threat that is needed to uphold the validity of the colonialist discourse, which is as a result undermined; new levels of meaning are thus introduced.

It is the language of Caliban that invests the island with reality. Miranda expresses a similar sentiment in Act I, scene ii: Contrasted by Caliban, whose main benefit from learning was that he became an expert at cursing.

Throughout these discourses Caliban responds to his adversaries with a mixture of aggression and subjugation, his language being by turns abusive and acquiescent. This viewpoint is constructed by presenting Antonio as a treacherous, evil character who is willing to murder Alonso and Gonzalo.

Ariel was the "airy spirit" that could assume different shapes, such as the lightning flames seen on the ship Shakespeare 31and who had quickness, lightness, grace, and total control over his actions.

The beauty and simplicity of these lines become just a part of the enigma of Caliban, lacking sophistication, but possessing a degree of sensitivity that is denied him in the eyes of his enemies, who are intent only on emphasisng his moral depravity.

The Tempest can be seen as a literary vehicle that maintains the status quo and used as a means of social control. However when ship landed on the island, the setting of the play changed from the terrifying storm to the delightfulness of the island. Prospero took great pains in order to educate her daughter: This gesture by Gonzalo showed that he was an optimistic person.

However, Shakespeare also uses the finale of the play to illustrate the redeeming features of using Art, and civilisation, to fix the problems as the storyline progressed.

The marriage of Ferdinand and Miranda exists in order to restore the status-quo, to restore to the imperialist mind the ideal of all that is pure and uncorrupt, unsullied by any association with the inferior other, an association which we see represented in the marriage of Claribel to a native of North Africa.

The values system of Caliban is silenced and simply seen as barbaric. To the European mind of that time the words savage and cannibal became synonymous and the association of these two words with the word slave and the concept of slavery, became the justification for the prevailing attitudes of the time towards the subject of slaves in general.

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The largest company in its industry, Western Union has serviced cash payments for thousands of well-known corporations for more than one hundred years. On the one hand, they think that their education of him has lifted him from his formerly brutish status. Whereas education had beneficial effects on Miranda's high nature, its effects on Caliban's low nature were extremely harmful.

He even went as far as saying that he was now the new King of Naples Shakespeare Essay UK - http: This ideology was decidedly conservative and used politically as a means of social control: Although Shakespeare usually uses two narrative styles to help the audience distinguish between upper and lower classes, in this play both Prospero and Caliban use the same style, that of poetic verse.

Caliban is one of the main characters of the romantic tragicomedy by William Shakespeare, The Tempest. The play throws up many questions concerning the ethics and morality of colonialism, of power and authority, that belong to the past and the present, to the legacy of history and the nature of mankind.

This is not, on the surface, because Caliban and Prospero are equals, but because Miranda had to teach Caliban how to speak. In the end what is valued in the text is that order is restored, the rightful ruler regains his social position and through this the play supports the politically conservative ideology of the time.

Caliban is exclamatory and hostile, a bad colony. These contrasts helped to unify the act, and make the reader more aware of what they were truly reading, and that is of course, a work of art.

This can be seen as a highly effective means of keeping order and perpetuating the power structures already existing in society. He may have been born to serve, but learning had made him hate serving. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Coursework work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

The discourse of colonialism in The Tempest Essay

The language of slavery and subjugation became the language of colonialism, and the means whereby Europeans were able to emphasize the moral depravity of the indigenous people, thereby providing themselves with a suitable excuse for the colonization of the inferior other; the colonialist discourse was born.

On the other hand, Caliban who represented the body, couldn't control his actions and thus made him the opposite of Ariel. Gonzalo and Ferdinand were also contrasted in this act. But at the same time, having gained freedom, he is going to use it to the detriment of another.

Shakespeare reflects the philosophic debate that grew out of 17th century colonisation which meditated on natural man those who were being colonisedand civilised man the Europeansand which one was superior.The Tempest is a play of such ambiguity that it becomes difficult to discuss the subject of a colonialist discourse in isolation.

It becomes inextricably linked with not only power and authority, but also with illusion and reality, with redemption and regeneration. Essay/Term paper: Use of contrasts in act i of the tempest Essay, term paper, research paper: The Tempest.

This chaos disturbed Shakespeare's Social Order. The boatswain, not the King, was giving out orders to the people, while the King and his son were praying below.

Thus, the whole Social Order. However, in the final moments of the play, the benevolent purposes of it’s use become more apparent – restoration of the Chain of Being, or social order, the love match between Miranda and Ferdinand, and for the education of others, like Trinculo and Stephano.

Essay on Social Order in The Tempest - The Social Order in The Tempest In Shakespeare's time, the social order was as powerful and rigid as law.

Shakespeare provides an example of this social structure in his play, The Tempest. The Social Order in The Tempest In Shakespeare's time, the social order was as powerful and rigid as law. Shakespeare provides an example of this social structure in his play, The Tempest.

The Tempest Essay Words | 4 Pages. The Tempest The Tempest is a play that has a theme of nature and civilization. It has a strong theme that deals with issues of colonizer and the colonized.

Essay on social order in the tempest
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