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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Alertness is that asset that keeps you awake and perceptive and increases Skill.

I prized the individual who was eager to sacrifice for our common good. In fact, the great successes we all know about are individuals who almost always have greatly outworked their competition. He spent four days closed in a tepee, meditating and contemplating, visited only once a day.

Then, he attacked the soldiers on the hills, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel George A.

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The interactive nature of leader-followers-situation can help us better understand the changing nature of the leader-follower relationship and the increasingly greater complexity of situations leaders and followers face Hughes, Administrative Science Quarterly, Sep88, Vol.

Part of this success was due to his unique offensive system, the same system that countless coaches use today.

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And when you do that you become a very powerful and important force — namely a good role model. Affection, in fact, may weaken it by tempting you to play favorites. Too often we get tunnel vision and don't see the full picture which precludes learning things that are available.

I did not want a person on our team who was reluctant to sacrifice for the good of the team. That 'something' is your Enthusiasm which infuses hard work with inspired power that all great competitors have.

Team Spirit - you are willing to sacrifice personal considerations for the welfare of all. A UCLA alum came up to him and said: That invisible sixth player was as important as any of the visible players. This was the only championship game a Wooden-coached team ever lost.

So keep in mind that in the end, The choice you make makes you. Leaders with Poise do not panic under pressure.

A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections Friendship The two qualities of Friendship that are so important are respect and camaraderie. That year, Walker became the first African-American to play in any post-season intercollegiate basketball tournament.Coach John Wooden is a very famous and successful leader in the basketball world, not just in the United States but also around the world.

Everyone who loves the game of basketball knows he is a legend. John Wooden was the greatest coach of all time. During the last 12 years he was the head basketball coach at the University of California, Los Angeles, his teams.


Claim: U.S. President George Washington had wooden joeshammas.com This block of the Pyramid addresses a most important characteristic: selflessness which is the opposite of selfishness. I mean by this that you are eager to sacrifice personal glory or gain for the greater good, namely, the welfare and success of your organization, your team, your group.

What John Wooden taught me and our students about leadership.

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I also thought I would share the elements of Wooden's own character as a leader that were quite obvious, and distill those into. John Wooden was the greatest coach of all time. During the last 12 years he was the head basketball coach at the University of California, Los Angeles, his teams won 10 national championships, including seven in a row.

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