Local volatility master thesis

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Local Volatility Master Thesis

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Master Thesis Stochastic Volatility

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Local Volatility Master Thesis

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But, most of the students face difficulties with writing dissertation since they are not got used to writing such sort of assignment during their past academic years. Stochastic Local Volatility & High Performance Computing A thesis submitted to The University of Manchester for the degree of Master of Philosophy in the Faculty of Humanities.

volatility models is the determination of this local volatility function by calibration using observed market prices. More precisely, this thesis presents an approach to construct a function or surface by calibration.

Information on Diploma and Master Theses

In this thesis we try to investigate the implementation of a Stochastic Local Volatility (SLV) model, using the Alternate Direction Implicit scheme (ADI), on different High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms, such as CUDA and OpenMP. Abstract In this thesis we develop and test a new method for interpolating and extrapo-lating prices of European options.

The theoretical base originates from the local. FACULTY OF SCIENCE U N I V E R S I T Y O F C O P E N H A G E N MASTER THESIS Lykke Rasmussen Calibrating the local volatility model - .

Local volatility master thesis
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