Marketing plan cereal bars

The supermarkets have great market power, this could cause discussions concerning shelf space and margin pressure. In this current climate a slow growth is expected and financial matters take over.

As part of pricing and promotion within the marketing mix we will also introduce offers on multi packs. The idea of having one for every morning of the week and developing the Wake up brand as a part of peoples lifestyle would be quite a generalised objective of ours.

This should create an awareness of the product that we need for the release date. This division will be crucial to Wake Up as to build a strong brand we will rely heavily on good marketing. Marketing Expense Budget Wake Up will be heavily marketed through television, bill board and magazine advertising, PR and by street teams in major cities throughout the UK.

Wake Up also plans on launching a less niche brand to appeal to a wider segment than the one chosen. Clearly the SWOT analysis shows that our strengths immediately look certain to compete with the top brands and force competition due to our extra value and business competencies.

These individuals will be in secondary school, high schools and university. Creativity at Wake Up will be rewarded and a heavy commitment to society is integral. Whilst we feel our segment is an untapped on in need of our product the wider segements are also a good place to operate in.

Our IMC controls should help thins figure progress tobars by the end of year one. How to cite this page Choose cite format: OMG Active Cereal offers a wide range of flavours.

Is a relevant product as it promotes a healthy lifestyle which is an ongoing issue, it appeals to a segment which is currently untapped by any other organic food retailer, it also adds value other cereal bars fail to do.

The other factor is the packaging of the wake-up bars when sold as a box. The introduction of a development section of the business will help drive the business forward by initially helping with the set up of the business and then further monitoring and improving the business forward.

Cereal Marketing Plan

Is targeting predominantly students and young professionals, aged 16 — 24, any other demographics that we decide to target may affect the external areas of the business. As the market is far from saturated we found this appealing as there is plenty of room for new and upcoming products such as our own healthy eating organic cereal bar, WAKE UP!

Threats in the markets also slow down any process of penetrating any market, the recession is the biggest concern alongside the already established brand names of cereal manufacturers.

One perspective which will feature heavily in our strategy is the marketing strategy, also taking into account our carefully chosen distribution channels; these will be health food shops, supermarkets, gyms and local shops.

Marketing Plan Cereal bars markets around the world are generally led by companies with existing interests either in breakfast cereals, or confectionery or other baked snacks e. We have conducted market research in Newcastle library to find out if our target group would be interested in trying our product.

Marketing Plan Cereal Bars Paper

Our market is potential. OMG Active Cereal is especially added omega3 and zinc which improve the teenager immunity. The Product SWOT analysis Strength- The principal strength of our new product is that it enters the marketplace belonging to a company with a fantastic reputation.

Cereal Marketing Plan

More specifically according to a new report by Weetabix, the UK cereal car market is worth? We must convince them that it is beneficial to their children and they can give more to their children at a similar price.OMG ACTIVE CEREAL TWO-YEAR MARKETING PLAN By Christine Shao Name and appropriateness of choice OMG is a pet phrase among teenagers and also I want to deliver a message to costumers that the cereal has amazing taste.

Marketing Plan 1. Current Situation Macro-environment Analysis 1. Current Situation On-the-go consumers are buying cereal bars and breakfast biscuits instead of eating traditional breakfast cereals.

The marketing mix Brand Core Benefit Functions Brand Personality.  MARKETING PLAN FOR VVCA SERVICES (BICYCLE COURIER BUSINESS) PREPARED BY: DELA PAZ, ISAIAH BAGUHIN, SHERYL CASTILLO, JEMUEL SAPOLMO, NELIA EXECUTIVE SUMMARY VVCA Services is a bicycle-based courier service serving City of Makati attorneys and law firms.

Cereal Marketing Plan; Cereal Marketing Plan. We are a market leader in all natural food products including a variety of cereals, shakes, crackers, and snack bars. The company is known within the industry to empower people to achieve health and wellbeing by offering all natural foods that are minimally processed and free of highly refined.

-Cereal bar market is an Oligopoly market. -Growth among year olds-positive sign for our brand. + group is a very difficult age to cater.

Opinions of a 55 yr old and 70 yr old not concordant. -Other reputable brands include: Quaker, Nature Valley, Kellogg’s bars, Mcvities, Alpen. The main marketing objective for CRUNCHIN’S Cocopop cereal is to gain the highest market share relative to other competitor cereal brands, within six months of the launch in international market.

This includes both the tourist niche and the local segment.

Marketing plan cereal bars
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