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I asked him as to why he was rushing to go somewhere. Diagnostics is the highest revenue spinner for the Durdans hospital. Yes, I got very good pre surgical services from the entire team of Doctors Research report durdans Nurses.

Therefore it is more appropriate to look at the actual finance cost amounts. Information made available to the shareholders in the Annual Reports are authentic and verified. Where you aware of the total financial commitment for the surgery?

Source Company Annual Reports I believe that supply of hospital consumables like linen, pharmaceuticals, food items are very competitive because there are enough suppliers in the market. In such situation the seller has a bargaining power than the buyer.

However it is also noteworthy that income from investments amounted to Rs. What made you select Durdans Hospital for the surgery? Therefore my research is substantially based on secondary source of information. People are moving to live in urbanized areas to seek economic and social development and health care.

This is because detailed information available in the Financial Statements are with-held for sake of confidentiality, as publishing such information may reach the business competitors and could cause a threat for survival. Source Company published information Revenue Reserve The Company has built up substantial revenue reserves amounting to Rs.

Company Annual Reports But the same levels of island wide net work of sample collection centers are available among competitors too. However in order to supplement the study with primary source of information I performed: Taxation It is of my academic interest to ascertain the reason for such significant deviation in the above percentages.

Research Report- Durdans

The Corporate structure is given below: These reserves are from the retained earnings of the Company. Sri Lanka being a developing country has many such private health care institutions enjoying the above incentives and benefits offered by the State.

New entrants will enjoy BOI Board Of Investment status whereas Durdans hospital is not of such status and therefore new entrants will enjoy a comparative advantage than Durdans in the market.

There is substantial evidence in the Annual Reports to believe that the Company is a model corporate by virtue of compliance with of various regulatories. It is engaged in approving, and monitoring the execution of the overall business strategy, strategic objectives, corporate values and policies.

However an age analysis of debtors was not available to see whether aged debtors which might become bad debts will arise. During this era Durdans hospital had been a haven for the sick and injured British military personnel stationed in Ceylon.

This is because year by year the revenue also has increased. But here the patient has a little choice. Bargaining Power of Buyers The choice of private hospital of a patient is in most instances not in the hands of the patient but in the hands of the Specialist Doctor who treats the patient.

Therefore in order to bring about a comparison with the next 2 years in which no such capital gains were recorded, this amount could be adjusted as Rs. Sri Lanka has been confirmed of having the fastest ageing population among the Asian countries.

Research Report- Durdans

An analysis of comparative ratios is shown below to compare and contract operational efficiency and financial health. But there is some evidence to say distribution cost could have been amalgamated with other operating costs.

ACCA business analysis text book 3. So we tried to admit the patient to the normal ward. There too no vacant bed was available.

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Further three lower levels of the new extension of the hospital building to be used as a car park at an opportunity cost. Out of this Rs. I saw my father getting excited and hurriedly getting ready to go somewhere. Name of the Surgeon Dr.

Here again the bargaining power of the patient in limited. My father spoke to a staff officer of the hospital and within no time a bed was placed in the side of the corridor f the Emergency unit, and treatment was commenced.

New technological developments are being infused every year. Growing public expenditure for recurrent and social infrastructure development in Sri Lanka is a constraint to the government to spend for public health care free of charge.About is a collaborative research and analysis website that combines the sum of the world's knowledge to produce the highest quality research reports for over 6, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, currencies, and commodities.

Financial Highlights Annual Report of the Board of Directors on4 Milestones 6 Introductory Information Chairman’s Review 10 Durdans established strategic alliances with the ‘Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre’ in New Delhi which are renowned institutes in the field of Cardiology.

Swot Analysis Of Durdans Hospital In Sri Lanka. of Form | Approval Procedures – Tourism ProjectsThe Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority is committed to help potential investor invest in Sri joeshammas.comive incentive programs are available and the Director, Planning and Development is available to assist interested organizations and individuals.

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Dear Durdans DURDANS HOSPITAL ANNUAL REPORT /13 DURDANS HOSPITAL ANNUAL REPORT / Corporate Information Research Centre in New Delhi, a renowned institute in the cardiac field.

ANNAL REPORT /13 7 Dear Durdans, My experience with Durdans was exceptional. In fact we came. Annual Report Download PDF Durdans Hospital is a private hospital committed to delivering exceptional healthcare across a range of specialties for more than 70 years.

Research report durdans
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