Sweet apple massacre

C'mon there isn't anything big about you. With these killer raps, I can easily murder you with a single heart attack! He was flying low over Sweet Apple Acres when he caught a whiff of something unpleasant and very familiar.

Her eyes faded back to their original color and began to fill with tears. Non other then Vinyl Scratch had arrived. Today was different, however. She tried to scream, but he immediately shoved a big glob of her own shit into her mouth, clamping her jaw shut so she couldn't spit it out.

He realized that the other three bodies were to small to be adults, which meant that they were Billy's. Of course he knew that there would be questions asked when Applejack and those three stupid fillies were proclaimed missing.

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He regained himself and picked up his communication device which was in his "mail bag". He looked at the mangled corpses of the cutie crusaders and swelled with pride in his work. The smile faded off of Big Mac's face and was replaced by Sweet apple massacre confused expression.

The great and gay Trixie demands you bow to me, With a chainsaw in hoof, I'm the last sight you'll ever see! What the hell happened here. Vinyls eyes turned purple and she began to glow with purple aura. I'll buck you to death and then toss you aside! He'd done something not accepted by society, and therefore, if he was caught, he'd be punished.

What the hell happened here. She heard a sigh, of frustration? The big stallion would be devastated when he heard of his sister. If you can even say she's really He looked at Vinyl and Soarin.

All I want is some peace and quiet," he said, looking directly at Apple Bloom. I mean, it's not like you're gonna, like, gouge my eyes out and rape me until I'm nothing but a bloody, semen-filled carcass and then rip my head off or anything. They would be crushed, especially Big Mac. Her eyes were glazed, and staring blankly into space, and her mouth was hanging open, but she was drooling, and she was definitely alive.

The big stallion would be devastated when he heard of his sister. He glanced at the bodies sending another wave of nausea through his system. I think I'm ready for a bloodbath, eeeyup, I'll enjoy the scent of your organs and cut up smelly guts!

What is that, where did you find them and why is your coat covered in blood? He couldn't see anything under the mass of fur when heard a familiar voice say, "Let him up for air Vinyl or he'll suffocate.

She immediately bolted, but Big Macintosh tackled her. Abruptly the questions stopped. Her eyes wide open with shock and her mouth opened a scream that had died in her throat. Down in the cellar Big heaved a sigh of frustration.

What is Sweet Apple Massacre?

But, you get the point. His alias had earned him a job as a mail carrier. How long until the police wised up and decided to check in the apple cellar? But, you get the point. He looked at Vinyl and Soarin. He was a pretty creative stallion, as he'd told Sweetie Belle while forcing her to shove her horn up her friend's ass.

Rainbow took a deep breath then screamed,"Timber Wolves are attacking the town! Vinyl took Rarity's arm and moved her under an apple tree. Sir the other three are children. Now, when I cum, I want you to break my windpipe and rip my head off, nice and slow-like so I can feel every second of it, okay?Sweet Apple Massacre is a grimdark fanfiction set in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP: FiM), in which the colt Big Macintosh rapes and murders the juvenile Cutie Mark Crusader ponies.

Sweet Apple Massacre III

On September 21st, an entry for “Sweet Apple Massacre” was created on the database TVTropes, which listed elements of the story as an example of the “High Octane Nightmare Fuel”, “Complete Monster” and “EyeScream” tropes.

I don't see what the big deal is. I've read so much worse. I'm not gonna say it was sunshine and lollipops but it sure as hell wasn't the worst. Sweet Apple Massacre vs Trixie's Funhouse is the first installment of Evil Rap Battles of joeshammas.com features the cannibalistic version of Big Macintosh from the creepypasta, Sweet Apple Massacre, against the violent killer Trixie from the creepypasta, Trixie's joeshammas.com was released on August 14th, Number: 1.

I do not own Sweet Apple massacre or MLP. This is simply a spin off. Nothing more. I hope you enjoy. Sweet Apple massacre retaliation "Hey Sis I have something to show you down here.".

I don't see what the big deal is. I've read so much worse. I'm not gonna say it was sunshine and lollipops but it sure as hell wasn't the worst.

Sweet apple massacre
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