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One of the most commonly referred to in time travel literature is known as the grandfather paradox. Specifically on Apollonius as a late antique itinerantmiracle worker, see M. This patternof travel, similar to the journey of Pausanias not only in the sacred emphasis but also in the particularinterest in Homeric relics,22represents the sage's confrontationwith the land of Greece and its people througha sacredjourney to the holy sites of Greece.

Both as the god-like travellerand as the ideal pilgrim the pilgrim turnedprophet,the pilgrimturnedobject of pilgrimageApollonius is affirmed repeatedly and incrementally as divine.

While his trip to the Brahmanswas in search of wisdom, his travels to the other extremes of the world-to Spain and Ethiopia-are the demonstrationof the universal applicability of his wisdom.

But in my defence, I would travel away from that moment to perform the only mandatory task for anyone handed a time machine — the early assassination of Adolf Hitler.

Inshe became the first science fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Fellowship, nicknamed the Genius Grant. As more pillars arrive all over the world, all apparently from our own near future, a strange loop of causality keeps drawing Scott into the central mystery—and a final battle with the future.

The Time travelfact or fiction Traveller, driven by his failure to save Weena from the Morlocks, sets off again for the future. It appears to be composed of an exotic form of matter. Travel representsthe expanse of Apollonius' knowledge not simply as a collection of facts or information the literaryand encyclopaedicmodel providedby such figures as the Elder Pliny but rather as a collection of places and personal experiences.

Since the fundamentalarticle by EduardMeyer, published in ,2 the critical discussion of Apollonius' travels has-like everything else in Philostratus'biography-revolved around'the questionhow far andwith what intentPhilostratus was perpetratinga work of fiction'.

I havenotcomehereto askyouradviceabouthowto live, insomuchas I longagomadechoiceof the life whichseemedbestto myself;andas I amolderthananyof you,exceptThespesion, I myselfam betterqualified, to adviseyou howto choosewisdom Stubbings, ' Lands and peoples in Homer', in A.

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Wilken, The land called holy: The confrontation with Domitian, by contrast, is Apollonius' only meeting with the emperor as sole autocrat. The final demonstrationof Apollonius' superiorityover imperialpower is that he can, at the end of his life, simply ignore an imperial summons from Nerva viii The book features an ancient Egyptian sorcerer, a modern millionaire, a body-switching werewolf, a hideously deformed clown, a young woman disguised as a boy, a brainwashed Lord Byron, and finally, the protagonist Professor Brendan Doyle, who wanted none of this nonsense.

On the level of travelliterature,more thanany otherancientwriterexcept the novelists, Philostratus transformedthe tropes of actual travel into a rhetoricalsymbolism which constantlyreinforces the special nature nature of hcis consistently metaphorical portrayal of the world's topographies and ethnography-with its sight-linessight-lines always tending towards the sacred-anticipates not only what would become the actual practice and literarytraditionof Christianpilgrimage both of which chose to allegorise the pilgrim's journey into sacred quest but also the universalising sacred geography of Christendomas exemplified by later writers like Cosmas Indicopleustes.

Too much would be different to make sense; our minds, it seems, quickly provide a hint of the strictures of physics. So I decided to do something…stupid. Origins of the Christianidea of holy places', Journal of early Christianstudies ii Einstein would have loved this book.

His process of initiationthroughtravel to a sacred goal, set topographicallybeyond the reaches of the known, brings Apollonius into a world of levitation iii 15, 17prescience iii 16 and self-knowledge fc txur6v yvvao iii Philostratus follows this episode with the long speech of apology which he says Apollonius would have given had he been allowed to viii Like St Paul's journey to Rome, which is the culminationnot only of all his travelsbut also of the whole book of the Acts see esp.

The universalismof this picture is unusual and anticipatesthe universalistideology of the later Church it may even owe something to the Pauline parallel.

Now was the time when the guy who gave us the ray of hope to trek had to do something. You Might Also Like. Beautifully written and structured…a remarkable book. Anderson, Sage, saint and sophist: Where Philostratus differs strongly from his Christian inheritance is in his essentially empire-widepicture of a sacred world; by contrast,Christianitywould emphasise a series of specifically and specially holy spots sanctifiedby scripturalor historicalevents such as maytyrdoms or by relics.

Anderson, 'Philostratuson Apollonius of Tyana: And yet I must, fist shaking in the air, face the fact that this will never happen — can never happen. And in Washington D. Alcock, 'Landscapes of memory and the authority of Pausanias', in Pausanias historien, Entretiens Fondation Hardt xli Geneva Ve90 ap68o;, at 6' bntp?

Moreover,the universal applicability of Apollonius' teaching is mirrored in the universal acclamation he receives throughout his travels as a man of divine wisdom.

We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship. Ultimately,what mattersin the Philostrateanuse of the tropes of ancientethnographyis not accuracyor fact but the necessary symbolism whereby the whole earthas far as its boundaries This content downloaded from I examine the theme of travel with its deep debts to ancient ethnography, pilgrimage writing and the novel as a masterly rhetorical device on the part of Philostratus by which to establish and demonstratethe superiorityof Apollonius.

Lucian,Philopseudes ; Dio Chr. On a cross-country red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Boston, ten passengers awaken to find that the crew and most of their fellow passengers have disappeared, leaving the Boeing airliner under the control of the autopilot.Οδυσσεας Γκιλής.

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