What is the correct concept of manpower

Hence, companies must examine, evaluate and forecast the type of employee workforce they want in the future years 3.


It also helps to identify the available talents in a concern and accordingly training programmes can be chalked out to develop those talents. This helps the organization be prepared for the future with the correct manpower at their disposal for business prosperity.

This information is relevant in deliberating employee benefits to keep turnover and attrition low. Design training programmes- These will be based upon extent of diversification, expansion plans, development programmes,etc.

With every possible event like change industry dynamics, increase in business requirements, skills required for a particular technology etc, the need for having better resources increases.

For this the following things have to be noted- Type of organization Number and quantity of such departments Employees in these work units Once these factors are registered by a manager, he goes for the future forecasting. It facilitates procurement and placement of right people on the right jobs.

Several Mathematical models, with the aid of computers are used to forecast manpower needs, like budget and planning analysis, regression, new venture analysis. This includes informal decisions, formal expert surveys and Delphi technique.

Manpower Planning

The broad classification of personnel may be as follows: Thus, every manager has to share the responsibility of staffing.

IT companies are often faced with the business problem of hiring right people for upcoming projects as well as attrition. If these opportunities convert into actual business, they would need manpower to start working on them.

What would the business do with the additional skilled manpower. Thus it becomes necessary to integrate into the manpower planning process a sound system of performance appraisal as well as appraisal of potential of existing employees.

The other dilemma is that if they kept waiting till the last moment for a project and when the project starts they might not have enough manpower to work and deliver. He is to guide and train the workers and also evaluate their performance on a continuous basis.

The use of this slide can act as indicators for the balance in the workforce. Manpower Planning is advantageous to firm in following manner: Manpower Planning Process HR department of every company has to constantly keep an eye on the human resources that the company has.

This includes informal decisions, formal expert surveys and Delphi technique. What would the business do with the additional skilled manpower. It relates to establishing job specifications or the quantitative requirements of jobs determining the number of personnel required and developing sources of manpower.

Whenever production and time period has to be analysed, due allowances have to be made for getting net manpower requirements. It is the duty of every manager to perform the staffing activities such as selection, training, performance appraisal and counseling of employees.

It is also done to improve upon the skills, capabilities, knowledge of the workers. Manpower needs can be projected through extrapolation projecting past trendsindexation using base year as basisand statistical analysis central tendency measure.

Manpower Planning

Also, if a business is growing, then the workforce needs to be expanded if the company wants to have its business at different locations, different business domains etc.

Right type of climate should be created for the workers to contribute to the achievement of the organisational objectives.Manpower planning is the process of estimating the optimum number of people required for completing a project, task or a goal within time.

Manpower planning includes parameters like number of personnel, different types of skills, time period etc.

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Organize the elements of an informative report with the Manpower Planning Concept for PowerPoint. The slide designs contain information to analyze employee/5(4). Probably the concept “manpower” in theperspective of the economist may have a wider application – referring tothe entire work force in an economy (a macro-approach or perspective)or it may be applied to workforce in an organization (a micro-approachor perspective).

The concept human resources suggest the humancapital: potentials. considering the argument of the concept of Manpower Development in Nigeria: Conceptual and Methodological Perspectives Omodia Stephen Monday Department of Political Science, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria of the concept manpower development and also relate it to the concept development of manpower.

Manpower Planning consists of putting right number of people, right kind of people at the right place, right time, doing the right things for which they are suited for the achievement of goals of the organization.

What is the correct concept of manpower
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